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Tecryl®Tecryl® is a registered trademark of MUGLER AG and stands for antenna facings of top quality for high-class visual integration of antennas and radio equipment in urban and rural landscapes, optimized in terms of radio engineering. Muglers material-specific know-how is based upon intensive research work, simulations and measurements. They are permanently improving Tecryl® and integrate innovations into new solutions.


  • To ensure installation of antenna equipment behind building facades, facade structures and elements can be replaced by imitations of single lamellas, panel elements, lamella structures and much more.
  • We enable the substitution of rooftop elements as perfect copies to the original. For this, a true to the minor detail pattern is moulded from an original part taken on-site.
  • Individual customized solutions. Your demand is our challenge.
  • Concealment shrouds with the appearance of a chimney are suited in many cases to visually integrate antenna equipment into the environment of historic city architecture. In standard configuration they have been optimized to integrate radio services up to 3.500 MHz.
  • Concealment shrouds of round cross-sections are a cost-effective variant for the screening of antenna equipment. Standardly they are optimized to integrate radio services up to 3.500 MHz and microwave services from 18 GHz up to 38 GHz.
  • The Tecryl Building-Block System was developed as a solution for the quick design of safe, cost-effective and easy to mount antenna concealment shrouds for radio installations. Universal panels optimized to meet various frequency ranges and matched add-on and mounting parts are available.
  • With Tecryl® it is possible to implement your ideas and drafts up to the finished component. Design, size and colour will be adjusted to the individual building structure. We advise and support you with draft designs, 3D simulations as well as high quality photomontages.
  • Window openings can also be used to integrate radio services into listed buildings with monumental protection. To avoid any interference with the supporting building structure it is only required to remove and replace the window casements.

Below you can get more information about some of our services

  • Workshops
  • Design/simulation
  • Construction/supervision
  • Optimization

WorshopsWe offer workshops regarding more information about:

  • Possibilities when integrating telecom equipment in the city or landscape
  • Examples of reference projects
  • Project process
  • Planning, structural analysis/calculations, electromagnetic optimization
  • Production, delivery, installation
  • Quality management

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Design, 3D simulation, photomontages





Construction and supervision

Electromagnetic optimization


  • Special concept according to requirements of clients, architects and authorities
  • Design, 3D simulations, high quality photomontages
  • Electromagnetic optimization, statical calculation
  • Fabrication
  • Quality assurance during the complete process
  • Construction, supervision
  • Workshops